Da Marcello


The fish of our sea, the products of our hills, the culture of our region, the ingredients of our cuisine, the excellence of our food raw materials

ristorante marcello portonovo
ristorante marcello portonovo

Marcello's Proposal

Marcello's Proposal consists in:

  • Welcome dish of fried squid heads, parsley and lemon yogurt
  • Marinated anchovies, carrots, raspberries and seed brittle
  • Spring seafood salad
  • Anchovies with green bread
  • Porchetta-style raguse (spiny dye-murices)
  • Scallop au gratin
  • Tagliolino della Baia (tagliolini with catch from the bay)
  • Our mixed grilled fish from the Adriatic Sea
  • A taste of Gina’s ciambellina (a traditional Italian ring cake) with zabaglione

We serve the proposal if ordered by the entire table. Cover charge is included in the proposal. Beverages and coffee are not included.

TASTing Menu

  • Selection of cold starters 19

    5 tasting

  • Selection of hot starters 26

    7 tasting

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