allergens are specified in brackets


Selection of cold starters (5 tastings) 16

Selection of hot starters (4 tastings) 15

Full selection of starters (8 tastings) 25


Bread, tomato and basil, marinated anchovies and La Bona Usanza sapa 10
gluten, sulphites, fish

Amberjack and escarole 12
fish, soya, shell fruit

Octopus, potatoes, parsley and La Bona Usanza grass pea from Serra de’ Conti (Slow Food Presidium) 13,5
molluscs, fish

Tiger prawns, cocktail sauce and mixed wild green salad 12
crustaceans, eggs, shell fruit

Tuna fish in tuna sauce 12
fish, eggs, soya, celery

hot starters

Moscioli au gratin (a Slow Food Presidium) 14
molluscs, mustard, gluten

Porchetta-style raguse (spiny dye-murices) 13,5
molluscs, fish

Vaporino: a selection of delicately steamed crustaceans and fish accompanied by vegetables and mayonnaise 19

Anchovies au gratin with green bread 12
fish, gluten, shell fruit, mustard


Verrigni Spaghettoro spaghetti with moscioli 14
molluscs, fish, gluten, crustaceans

Organic ricotta ravioli (made by the artisan pasta factory Marinelli, Osimo) in potacchio seafood sauce with seared umbrine 15
milk derivatives, gluten, fish, eggs

Tagliolini with white sauce made with seafood of the bay 14
gluten, eggs, molluscs, crustaceans, fish

Potato gnocchi, sautéed wild herbs, striped venus clams and bottarga 15
eggs, gluten, milk derivatives, molluscs

Penne with tomato sauce 10
gluten, celery


Moscioli gratinati (presidio Slowfood) 14
molluschi, senape, glutine

Mixed fry with squid, pink shrimps and paranza (small fish from the Adriatic Sea) 21
gluten, squid, crustaceans, fish

Mixed grilled fish from the Adriatic Sea with aromatic bread 24
fish, molluscs, crustaceans, gluten, mustard, dried fruit, soja

Roasted fish served with Taggiasca olives, cherry tomatoes and roast potatoes 25 per portion
celery, fish

Grilled fish with sautéed green vegetables and potatoes 25 per portion
celery, fish


Roast potatoes 6

Sautéed green vegetables 6

Steamed chard 6

Mixed salad 5



Tiramisù in a jar with coffee pastry 6
milk derivatives, eggs, gluten, shell fruit

Catalan cream 6
milk derivatives, eggs

Pineapple, Chantilly cream and gluten friendly sponge cake 7
milk derivatives, eggs, gluten, shell fruit

Dulcey Namelaka, chocolate (70%) mousse, salted caramel and frangipane 7
eggs, gluten, shell fruit, milk derivatives


Fruit of the season 6


Tagliolini with ragù 12
celery, eggs, gluten

Fried cutlet and French fries 12
gluten, eggs

Potato chips 6


Sparkling and still water 2

Espresso 1,50

Laced coffee 2

Cappuccino 2,50

Liqueurs 4

Spirits 6

Premium spirits 8

Cover charge 3,5