Da Marcello


The fish of our sea, the products of our hills, the culture of our region, the ingredients of our cuisine, the excellence of our food raw materials

ristorante marcello portonovo
ristorante marcello portonovo

Fish Starters

Selection Of Starters

  • Complete selection of hot and cold starters 26,00

    8 tasters: 4 cold starters and 4 hot

  • The 4 cold tasters are:
    Amatriciana Salt Cod served with pecorino sauce and pork rind popcorn
    (Milk derivatives and fish. Slight presence of garlic)
  • Bean and rock octopus soup au gratin
    (Molluscs, milk derivatives, gluten, celery)
    Fresh product, blast chilled at -25°C
  • Autumn Crispy monkfish with fine black truffle
    (Gluten, milk derivatives, fish. Slight presence of garlic)
    Fresh product, blast chilled at -25°C
  • Anchovies au gratin with green bread
    (Fish, gluten, shell fruit, mustard)
    Fresh products, blast chilled at -25°C
  • Selection of cold starters 18 18,50

    5 tasters

Cold Starters

hot starters