Let's Restart!

Ristorante Il Laghetto Da Marcello | Portonovo

We are restarting from our bay
We are restarting with our cuisine
based on


because it is traditional, although up to date with the times


because it is the result of the work of many


because it promotes the small artisan businesses our territory is rich in


because it believes in the importance of the quality of raw materials

allergens are specified in brackets



Selection of cold starters €14,00
5 tastings

Octopus & Potatoes with Green Sauce €11,50
Octopus and potato salad with green sauce

Panzanella with oily fish €8,00
Marinated anchovies fished in the bay, panzanella and sapa – cooked grape must
(fish, peanuts, celery, gluten)

Our own seafood salad €11,50
Cuttlefish, octopus and moscioli salad
(molluscs e crustaceans)


Porchetta-style raguse – spiny dye-murices €10,50

“Popped” moscioli 2020 €12,00
A typical local dish, a taste in constant evolution between tradition and our personal touch

Anchovies served piping hot €10,00
(fish, gluten, dried fruits)

Our own Mare e Monti €13,00
Surf and turf with tiger prawns, guanciale, homemade potato purée and drops of balsamic vinegar (5 pieces)
(crustaceans, milk)

Steamed prawns according to availability


Spaghetti with moscioli of the bay € 13,00
Our historic recipe with slow drying wheat pasta from Abruzzi
Moscioli, fresh tomato sauce and… Marcello’s secret ingredient
(gluten, molluscs, fish)

Risotto with seafood fished in Portonovo €14,00 per portion
Minimum 2 portions

(crustaceans, molluscs, fish)

Spaghetti alla chitarra with seafood €13,00
Egg spaghetti with molluscs and crustaceans according to availability
(molluscs, crustaceans, fish, gluten)

Buffalo ricotta ravioli, prawn bisque and Tropea onion €14,00

(crustaceans, gluten, dairy products)

All first courses can be prepared with gluten-free pasta at no extra charge.


Moscioli au gratin €13,000
(molluscs, gluten)

Sea bream fillet with steamed homegrown vegetables and vegan lemon mayo € 18,00
(soya, fish)

Mixed fry €19,00
A typical regional dish with deep-fried fish according to the catch of the day
and seasonal vegetables in a delicious crisp batter.
Inform our staff whether you would like your fish to be served with or without bones
(crustaceans, fish, molluscs, gluten)

Mixed fish grill €23,00
A selection of grilled fish according to availability
(crostacei, pesce, molluschi, glutine)

Roasted catch of the day
The price varies daily
(crustaceans, fish, molluscs, gluten)


Roast potatoes €5,00

Stir-fried green vegetables €5,00

Mixed green salad €4,50


Lavender panna cotta with cocoa crumble €6,000
(milk, gluten)
Our own Catalan cream €5,00
(milk, eggs)

Gina ‘s Ciambellone and zabaglione €3,50
Our historic family recipe of the traditional Italian ring cake
served with zabaglione rigorously whisked by hand according to ancient tradition
(eggs, peanuts, milk, nuts, gluten)

Tiramisù in a jar and coffee pastry € 5,00
Our own version of tiramisù with our chef’s coffee pastry
((milk, eggs, gluten)

Sorbet € 3,50

child menu

Penne or tagliatelle with ragu sauce €10,00
(gluten, celery)

Milanese Veal cutlet €10,00
(gluten, eggs)

Meat balls €12,00
(gluten, eggs, dairy products)


Sparkling and still water €2,00
Espresso €1,50
Laced coffee €2,00
Cappuccino €2,50
Sorbet €3,50
Liqueurs €3,50
Spirits €5,00
Premium spirits €6,00
Cover charge €3,00
Cover charge on the beach €5,00

Let's Restart!